Survey from the University of Minnesota

+8% MORE FEED EFFICIENTThe crossbred cows MO x HO are more productive in comparison to the pure Holsteins.
the crossbred cows produce +0.9% FAT & PROTEIN
Lower DRY MATTER INTAKE -6.5% for the crobred cows.
Better BODY CONDITION SCORE +0.19 for the MOxHO
Fat & Protein / DMI : 0.12 for Holstein and 0.13 for MOx HO, it means +8% Feed efficiency

Study by Shonka Martin, Hazel, Heins, Hansen department of animal science, University of Minnesota, USA - Sept. 2018. Averages for days 4 to 150 of lactation.

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Picture : Montbéliarde (bull : Sir) x Holstein in Holland