Austria auction sales

Austria auction sales

Le 28/10/2020

Austrian breeders love to use Montbeliarde semen to cross on their Fleckvieh, Red Holstein or Rotbund cattle. Montbeliarde progeny in milk seen from very popular COOPEX Montbéliarde sires as HALLEZ, CRASAT, BRINK, HUMMER, DOLLEY, HELUX and TRIOMPHE, they reached great prices at auction sales : for example 2340€ for 1st lactation sired by DOLLEY, milk recorded at 40 kg/day !

To get more informations and order Montbeliarde semen, you can contact us directly or our distributor in Austria : Besamung Klessheim & Rinderzucht Salzburg.

The new Catalog Austria 2020 is ready, don't hesitate to contact us to receive one !


Montbeliarde cows ready to get milk in a milking robotic farm system working since 3 months. Great results : 2,8 milkings/day and average milk production of 32kg/cow/day. / TRIOMPHE daughter freshly calved, starting her 3rd lactation.


Montbeliarde pure and crossbreed heifers in the Austrian Alps