HOLLYWOOD, Montbeliarde of the year

Le 23/06/2016

This excellent ULEMO daughter produced in her 2nd lactation 305 days, 10455 kg with 3,94% Fat and 3,57 % Protein.

Palmares :

- Grand Champion at the Montbeliarde national show
- the Best Udder Price at Swiss Expo Lausanne (January 2016),
- 1st Price at the Paris show (February 2017),
- Grand Champion at the Prestige National Show (May 2017).

Information about the breeders: 740 000L/ 8700kg per cow in 305 days.
The GAEC des Chardonnerets, in the Alp is run by 3 full-time people who manage 85 milking cows + 120 heads of young stock on 160ha with mostly grazing land. They work with Montbeliarde breed since 1954, because of its dairyness, good health traits and nice type which suit perfectly their breeding system. A long-lasting cow which produces well quantity and quality wise with high fertility to stay profitable as long as possible in their grazing system.