Montbeliarde in Argentina, it works  !

Montbeliarde in Argentina, it works !

Le 03/04/2020

Today, we fly to Argentina where farmers are happy to work with Coopex Montbéliarde and Umotest genetics distributed by Select Sires Argentina ! For example some pictures of a lovely TOLIARA cow with her strong daughter by JIPIX, looking very promising !

This TOLIARA cow just started her 4th lactation with a first milk control at 38kg/day. Her total lifetime production is already 30.541kg of milk in her 3 first lactations with high quality too : 906 kg of Fat + 936 kg of Protein : 1.848kg of Solids in her lifetime ! Congratulations Cabaña Montbeliarde - Tambo La Clide, owner of these superb pure breed Montbeliarde and their excellent results !