Neutrino, No. 1 in New Zealand and Holland!

Neutrino, No. 1 in New Zealand and Holland!

Le 24/05/2024


In New Zealand, Neutrino's first daughters confirmed his position at the top of the red breeds sires list (Scandinavian reds, Australian reds, Simmental, Fleckvieh, Normande, Ayrshire, Abondance, Tarentaise...). With Breeding Worth 331, Neutrino keeps holding the rank of #1, ahead of #2 (BW$ 230). Neutrino shows outstanding solids production with Fat BV 45.1 and Protein BV 50.9, high milk yield (+1092 l) and his body size & lower stature meet New Zealand breeding expectations as grazing specialist.

In Holland, Neutrino is also ranked #1 Montbeliarde bulls with NVI +17, ahead Malpuech (+15 NVI), Ilanne (+3 NVI) and Elastar (+1 NVI). Its 254 daughters shows outstanding solids, high milk yield and dairy synthesis +198€.

In France, Neutrino has over 2,000 daughters and 156 ISU, +0.47 P%, +0.51 F%, +794 kg milk and +80 dairy synthesis, #3 of the Montbeliarde breed.

As a grazing specialist, Neutrino is an excellent example to produce milk quality with high quantity!